Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peacock Feathers

Let me tell you about this awesome nail art striper from Sinful Colors called Flower Girl. It's just amazing. It's what almost all of the gold in this design is done with. I was also surprised at how easy the brush was to work with. Usually I fight stripers or nail art brushes in general. I have been doing a LOT of fighting with brushes, but this one just seemed to work like a dream. Perhaps it sensed I needed to do a successful design after all of my failures or else I'd give up on the nail art world forever. Whatever the case, Flower Girl is the reason this design turned out so well.

I won't even bother warning people with "pic heavy" because it should just be known that when I do my nails I take 800 pictures and can't ever decide which are best. As it stands I'm still learning how to take pictures of my nails. I've never been a good photographer, I just seemed to get lucky with landscape shots and what not. Hey if the scenery is beautiful it's hard to take a bad picture. In the case of nails though, I'm sort of doing everything half assed because I have very poor lighting and no real stable place for picture taking. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this manicure, it was inspired by a picture I always see floating about. If anyone knows the original artist, please let me know!  

And of course these are 100x better than mine haha

Thanks for reading!