Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Candy Shop Jelly Sandwich

My first jelly sandwich! WOO! Jayne, I have found a use for Pink a Boo!!! Apparently if you layer it with Candy Shop, gorgeousness happens. I know because I was there! 11 pictures made the cut, but I took over 100. I just wanted to stare at pictures of this lovely layering ALL DAY. Pretty pretty pretty. Normally I'm not huge on pink, but.. ugh.. I'll quit trying to explain... just look:


This my left hand again, and this will probably stay on it for quite some time!
What do you guys think - better with or without the matte?

On another note, I met another ridiculously amazing blogger that I think you should all check out. Even if you hate nail polish (Why are you on my blog?!), she's really funny so you'll be entertained! Check out The Polished Zombie!

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ruffles of a Dreamer

Inspired by this post by Chalkboard Nails, I decided to put my new blues to use! I actually had been admiring this design since the first time she did it, but for some reason hadn't gotten around to it yet. I procrastinate. A lot. Anyway.. the base is Dreamer by Revlon and the other blues are Wednesday (Zoya - the turquoise) as well as Chic and Fashionista (Revlon -Fashionista is the darkest)

More natural light (I swear I am getting a light box set up soon):

Notice the bee who decided to pose with me for the final photos... I'm sure he was immediately thwarted by the toxic smell of my top coat.

I did this with my right hand, so it's not the most fantastic tribute to Sarah's lovely work, but I'm pleased with this as a first attempt! 

Thanks for reading :) And thank you for all of your wonderful comments!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A pink and orange mix (Featuring Zoya's Arizona)

Today I decided to play some more with Arizona (Zoya)Dressed to Kill (Sinful Colors) and Sassy Sparkle (L.A. Colors). As I mentioned (and my readers seems to agree!) Arizona is just fantastic. It even works for taping as you can see! I really can't get enough of it! My dad actually helped me pick out this color combination. I had already been planning to pair the pink and orange together, but he picked the same two colors and decided Sassy Sparkle would look good too. I concur! 

The thumb and pinky gradients I just did the normal way... didn't use any of the new methods going around. Those tutorials probably would have helped, but I don't hate the way mine turned out either. Enlarge to see a better distinction between Arizona and Dressed to Kill!

I don't care if I do do leopard print once a week, I love it and I want to perfect the art ^.^

Thanks for reading :)