Saturday, December 17, 2011

The beauty that is Chunky Holo Black

I'm convinced that over any color Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Black would be instant nail art. It's also incredibly easy to apply which is always a plus for newbies like myself. I threw it over Color Mates - Cabernet which came in a cheap set I found at Big Lots. I gotta say, I was against the crappy gift sets after a few bad experiences, but now I realize they do usually at least make really good bases for awesome glitters, flakies, or other awesome color enhancing polishes. Here are the pictures, which as always do not do any sort of justice to the manicure itself :(

No idea why it looks so lumpy in some of these photos.. it was quite smooth :)

And that's that! Cabernet is actually a really awesome color on its own. I wish I had taken a few photos. The application was poor though so it might not have been very impressive anyway. If anyone has any manicure suggestions for before I leave I can try to fit them in! I should be gone within the week! Ahhh! So crazy!

Thanks for reading!

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