Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fantasy Fire

When I started to see this little (and I do mean little!) beauty pop up on all of the nail blogs I follow, it immediately struck my eye. Unfortunately it is only available in the UK so I figured I was out of luck. But the lovely NailNewbie came to the rescue! She sent me bottle of Fantasy Fire and a deep purple for layering. I was pretty excited for the FF, but the added bonus of a new purple polish was just amazing. So here are the two together:

At some angles, it's really more bronze-ish.

Definitely hints of golds, reds, purples

It was SO HARD to pick up the green shimmer! A couple of the pictures turned out ok that way...

For some reason, without flash, none of the purple really showed up. This picture is with flash.

All in all, I was completely satisfied with this swap. The bottle may be tiny, but it's best for using as a layering polish anyway. I actually couldn't stop staring at my nails (this isn't so unusual for me though). These pictures in no way do justice to the beauty that is Fantasy Fire! Thanks again Helen :D