Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drugstore Sparkle!

Jordana is a drugstore brand (found mine at K-Mart) that is awesomely enough big 3 free! Woo! For this manicure I used Purple Glam, a truly purply purple. It was so purple in fact that the purpliness covered up some of the nice glittery bits as I layered. Although, I am super glad to have a very opaque glitter! To make up for some of the glitter covered by this stunning purple, I added two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - In the Spot Light. Everything turned out much better than expected. I really though In the Spot Light was going to be a nightmare to work with. Turns out, it's quite simple! WAY easier than the Deborah Lippmann or even Nubar hex glitters. Looks like it'd be hectic, but it's not! Here is Purple Glam on its own

My nasty (burns with polish remover OUCH) cut is rather visible here. It's healing nicely, at least.

After In the Spot Light

In the Spot Light was definitely the perfect compliment to Purple Glam!

In personal news: Working furiously to get as many blog posts done as possible before I go just to have some content before I start a giveaway. I plan on just grabbing stuff in China and making a giveaway of it! Good idea? Bad idea? I'd of course be wary of fake OPI as I have been warned often, but I'll be with an awesome lady there who probably wouldn't let me buy crap! Anyway, I hope that works out. 

Thanks for reading!

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