Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In love with The Real Teal - and other Xtreme Wear lovelies

After finding a few coupons for Sally Hansen products, I headed off to my local Walgreens to see what I could find. I came out with The Real Teal, Mellow Yellow, and Pacific Blue from their Xtreme Wear line.

This is Pacific Blue with some glitter over it

The Real Teal 

I genuinely cannot gush enough about this color. It's stunning. It helps that I love teal, but this is still a great polish. It goes on smoothly with nice even coverage. I barely needed to clean up. This picture was actually taken before I cleaned with acetone (I planned on putting glitter on anyway - and I did!), and I can be pretty sloppy! But this brush and polish formula made it really easy to be neat!

As I said, I wanted to add glitter and had just picked up this at the Dollar Tree. They worked perfectly together. In total, this is two coats of The Real Teal and one coat of this glitter that doesn't have a name on the bottle. 

I don't have any pictures of Mellow Yellow yet, but I plan to swatch my entire collection soon (just for my personal use, it's a small collection) so I may add it later.

I hope anyone who happens to see this enjoyed it!