Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoya - Anja

This little beauty really took my breath away when I finished the application and sat back to admire it. It's a rich burgundy with a definite purple hue. In the bottle it looked like it had a lot more red/purple in it, but mostly it looked like a dark burgundy while I was wearing it. Here are some photos taken in the lovely desert sun!

It took only two coats for this to be opaque - and I paint really thin coats! Really great coverage and super easy application. Smooth and creamy! I am quickly falling in love with Zoya polishes! Now I just need to try their mattes!

Fashion Polish Blogaversary!

Whew! This has been a lot of giveaways to blog about. But really, how awesome are giveaways?! I have yet to win one, but I am holding out hope still!!

Fashion Polish is a fantastic blog with the BEST swatches! Seriously this girly has the best nail photos out there. I imagine her camera is ridiculously amazing.

Here is what you can win


Lacquered Lover Unicorn Puke Giveaway!

Look at this color. LOOK AT IT. It's beautiful. Too bad they only made a few! But Lacquered Lover is giving a bottle away! Woohoo! Click here to enter!

Lacquered Lover 1,000 Follower Giveaway!

Lacquered Lover is hosting a most generous giveaway to celebrate 1,000 followers! Check out what you can win:

Those holiday colors are amazing. And Orly's Androgynie is gorgeous as well. 

Lucy's Stash 1300 Follower Giveaway!

As I said before, Lucy's Stash was having TWO giveaways right now - here is the second one!

Note: I have a few giveaways to post about, but then I'll be back to my own newbie attempts at nail art! Even if people that see this don't want to enter any of these giveaways, VISIT THESE LADIES HOSTING THEM THEY ARE FANTASTIC! 

Lucy's Stash 1100 Follower Giveaway!!!

Lucy's Stash is having two giveaways right now, the first is for the 1100 follower mark. I can't imagine 100 let alone 1100 haha!

 Here is what you can win!

Barely any time left! TraceFace Philes giveaway!

The TraceFacePhiles was one of the first blogs I started following (obviously before I started my personal one). The art and application are just amazing. Period. And of course, she does giveaways! This one is to mark 2000 followers!

Follow this link!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zoya - Dove

I have very limited funds and usually get very cheap polish, but recently I received a lovely gift of 4 new Zoya polishes! I got Casey, Dove, Petra, and Anja!

The first I decided to try was Dove.

It's a beautiful creamy grey. Took 3 coats to get it as opaque as I wanted, but I also apply really thin coats out of habit to avoid bubbling. I'm sure the more daring lacquerista could get away with two coats. I've been looking for a nice grey for awhile now, and it definitely seems like I have found it! I can't think of a single complaint I could have about this polish. The only thing that I think would make it better is probably a glittery or flaky top coat layered on.

More Zoya swatches and nail art (I hope!) to come. Thanks for reading!