Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 17 - Glitter

Yay glitter! I was really looking forward to this day as I had planned to do a crazy cool layering with Whimsical, but it didn't turn out so hot so I grabbed a glitter I had never tried before: O.P.I - Fresh Frog of Bel-Air. Two coats over China Glaze - Holly Day proved to be quite awesome!

I included this because how cool would it be if those hex glitters were actually gold?!

Thanks for reading :)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 16 - Tribal

This is a pretty intimidating style. All the tribal designs I see always seem to have so much going on that I never really would know where to start. Luckily, the awesome Chelsea at GetNail-d did a sweet little tutorial on how to achieve this attractive look which you can check out here.

Once again I don't feel that I did the original design justice, and I had to change a few things due to having tiny nails. I know it could be neater, but for my first time I'm pretty happy!

I used the exact polishes she mentions in the video: Pool Party, Kiwi Cool-ada, and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini all by China Glaze

Side note: Holy new followers, Batman! I couldn't be happier to see so many new people checking out my little hobby :) You guys are going to stick around after the giveaway, right? ..Right?! :D

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Aliiiiive!

Another oldie... I used China Glaze - Westside Warrior as a base and taped off some China Glaze - It's Alive. One coat of this glitter (if you use a base) creates some amazing results. Two coats by itself will get you opacity. 

Thanks for reading :)

Day 15 - Delicate Print

Ahhh the half way point... feels good, man!

I promise this stamping was actually very pretty, the pictures just didn't turn out very well.

The purple also didn't seem to photograph very well. The base purple is American Apparel - Imperial Purple and I stamped with a Wet N Wild silver. This is the first stamping I've done about which I literally have no complaints. I just wish the photos showed it better!!

I think it's mainly my cuticles that are making me hate my photos. But honestly I have no idea what more I can do for the little jerks. They just want to be dry and peel-y! 

I was REALLLLLY happy with Imperial Purple. It was actually fun to apply! 

I got some nail art wheels in from Born Pretty Store, so I'll be having fun with those for awhile. Small complaint: They are super hard to do nail art on if you're not incredibly careful. I was not careful. I ended up removing all of the designs I did, even the ones I was happy with, because I screwed up the good designs while working on the other ones. 

Sorry this seemed like such a whiny post! Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snake eyes (Kinda?)

This is an old manicure. You can tell by my awesomely not-nubbin-like nails! I started with a base of Revlon's Sheer Nude then did some taping with Jordana's Rich Green.


Then came the part that made me want call it snake eyes... a simple stripe of Jordana's black crackle:

I have heard many say crackle is over done and just so last year, but this is one of my first experiences with it. This is probably one of my favorite things I have ever done to my nails. The nude base must be utilized more. It's just one step closer to negative space nails which are amazing. 

Thanks for reading! 

Day 14 - Flowers

First I tried to do this whole one-stroke situation that will literally always elude me, then I remembered the wonderful Katy at NailedIt did this fantastic tutorial on super cute pansy nails. I wasn't as happy with the results as I wanted to be, but two nails did come out pretty well.

The base is Kleancolor - Pastel Purple and the dark purple is American Apparel - Imperial Purple. The yellow is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mellow Yellow.

Other than my ever-ravaged cuticles, those two fingers please me. I feel bad that I didn't do this awesome design justice, but I'm sure I'll be trying it again with new colors :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 13 - Animal Print

After seeing the Girls In Pearls display from Sinful Colors, I immediately fell in love with all but one. I only grabbed one, but it is certain that the rest need to be obtained very soon. The one I did pick up is called Morning Star and it's almost similar to O.P.I's I Have a Herring Problem. It has more purple than Herring and has a little less obvious shimmer. My camera made the color lighter than it actually is, of course. These pics are a few swipes of Morning Star on the side of some (perhaps awesome?) leopard print. The leopard spots definitely needed more glitter, but other than that I'm pretty satisfied.

Before the addition of Morning Star

Before I grabbed Morning Star I had planned on doing this design with neons a la Algae Veronica, but I just had to try this polish immediately!

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NailNoise's First Giveaway!

I had planned on having a giveaway as soon as I reached 50 followers, but I reached 50 on tumblr awhile back so that's close enough! 

Open Internationally!!!

The prizes are:
Sinful Colors - San Francisco
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Nubar - White Polka Dot
Julep - Megan 

The SC and Kleancolor, I think, would look great together. Also, the Julep and Nubar would probably look awesome together as well!

The giveaway begins 3/27 at 12:01 AM and ends 4/17 at 12:01 AM. Times are eastern. 

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EDIT: It says following on GFC is mandatory, but if you don't use that just use your tumblr name or leave your blog address. It'll all work out!

EDIT 2: Please do not submit your tumblr reblog twice. You can use that once, and a reblog elsewhere once for another two entries. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about that! I have removed those entries so you will still have a chance!

Day 12 - Stripes and failure

Yesterday I had some terrible computer issues and could not connect to the internet at all, so these are yesterday's nails! I tried two things, I hated them both. It wasn't so much the ideas that I hated, but the execution. Stripes are supposed to be easy, dammit!

The base pink is a Wet N Wild the other stuff was done with stripers

These are Kleancolor pastels

So I'm really just going to have to say this day in nail art was a total failure. I was pretty excited to try out my new Kleancolor shipment from BeautyJoint, but one of the bottles was broken. The formulas weren't very awesome to work with, either. I know pastels can sometimes be finicky, so I won't be too whiny. Especially because of the other two polishes I got in addition to the pastels! A really awesome glitter called Mix Signal and Chunky Holo Clover which will actually be in my giveaway! Yes, a giveaway! I'm using a separate post for that for organization purposes so stay tuned :D