Monday, February 27, 2012

Kirby Crackle! (Contest Entry)

This is my entry for the contest over at Chalkboard Nails. I don't know if I'm completely satisfied with the pictures (ok, not at all), but I am REALLY satisfied with how it actually looked on my nails. This design was inspired by this:

Comic readers might recognize this as Kirby crackle! On to the nails...

That purple is the gorgeous Seniorita Bonita by China Glaze. I have a couple other random photos of it that I wanted to share, but I'll save them for a non-contest entry post! 

Thanks for reading!

Finally had enough colors to do an ombre...

..But I did it with my tips. I really liked the idea of doing nude nails with colorful tips, so I went with an ombre design. The nude is Revlon - Sheer Nude.

The blues are:
Thumb - Revlon's Minted
Pointer - China Glaze's For Audrey
Middle - Sinful Colors's Why Not?
Ring - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's Pacific Blue (love this polish)
Pinky - Dark blue Cosmetic Arts that I actually only bought because both me and my father thought it was purple. Bleh. Still a good color.

The other nubbin nail that I spoke of in the last post...

That wooden thing that I took pictures on is what I am hoping to make my nail polish desk. It would look awesome all painted up. 

Bonus weird dots:

Does anyone else play Animal Crossing? They have a salon in town, and there should totally be an option to get your nails done. I'm writing Nintendo! ^.^

Thanks for reading!