Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holy crap I made flowers!

I have this white striper (as seen in the last post about watermelon nails) that actually works really well for creating crisp and concise lines. Well, it works great if you don't have shaky hands like me! I've played with it before and am always slightly disappointed with the results. This time, there was no disappointment at all! These nails were inspired by Tartofraises! She is easily the most talented freehand artist I have ever seen. I can only hope that someday I will achieve even half of her awesomeness! I watch her tutorials often and I thought the style I chose to do was simple enough for me not to mess up and nice enough to at least pay her some tribute! What do you think?

Watermelons are delicious...

...And these nails just made me wish it were in season! I had a lot of fun doing these, and I was surprised at how well they turned out. I wish I had used a dotting tool instead of a needle for the seeds. They came out a little wonky. On to the pictures!

As far as colors go, I used Sinful Colors - Timberberry (pink), Sinful Colors - Innocent (light green), and white and green stripers from the dollar store. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's gradient time!

I was looking through animal print tutorials and pictures, and I kept seeing artists using really awesome gradients underneath their animal print designs. Pink, orange, and red do NOT sound like they'd go well together (to me, anyway), but apparently they combine for a really awesome and smooth gradient! First, I did a solid coat of Sinful Colors - Courtney Orange. This is a seriously beautiful orange shimmer. Check it out:

3 coats to a beautiful (quite Halloween-y) orange!

It actually matched my lotion bottle ^.^

Now on to the gradient! I don't have a very good camera, but for some reason it captured this manicure exactly how it looks in person. Maybe it's the beautiful desert sun bringing out these truly beautiful colors!
For the red I used Sinful Colors - Ruby Ruby and for the pink Sinful Colors - Timbleberry.

I am super pleased with how this turned out! That little bottle of polish I'm holding is a glitter from a 5 piece Hello Kitty set. It really isn't good quality AT ALL, but the bottle is super cute! The glitter actually washed off the next time I washed my hands. Still, what glitter remained made this an awesome manicure that I was proud to show off. Thanks for reading!