Friday, December 23, 2011

Leaving today!

So I haven't been around much because I've been busy panicking and packing. On Christmas morning local time, I will get to Beijing! Wee! Uhhh and SCARY! Pretty sure culture shock is going to be crazy. I leave in 3 hours. I actually had a couple posts I wanted to get done, but completely fell behind due to oversleeping and have no time left. At least I'll have a couple ready when I get back!

Also, when I get back GIVEAWAY TIME. Of course I have so few followers that I will have to have some sort of "reblogging" required. If it gets up to around 50, this giveaway will be huge and awesome :) I'll be doing it through tumblr too - the more exposure the better! Most of the giveaway will probably be crazy awesome stuff I find in China, if that comes up short, though, I'll make up for it with some equally awesome products from here.

Back to packing! I will so miss reading everyone's blogs while I'm gone :( I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!