Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shuffle the Deck!

So I didn't die on my flight, which is surprising since we apparently nearly collided with another plane >.< NEVER FLYING AGAIN. I've been enjoying being back in lovely (and warrrrmmmm) Pennsylvania. Today was especially awesome as we had a fantastic thunderstorm!! Woo!

None of my nail polish has arrived from California yet, so until then I'm stuck with a couple mini Wet N Wild polishes and whatever I happen to pick up here. So far that has only been Shuffle the Deck from Spoiled. I hadn't planned on buying any polish, only remover, but this is one I have been drooling over for awhile. Red, silver, and black glitter?! YES PLEASE!! I layered it over Everybody Loves Redmond and Silvivor - two of the Wet N Wild minis.

And here is a cute little macro shot. I want to do these more, I just have to figure out a way to incorporate them - any suggestions? 

I also need watermark advice if anyone is willing... mine sucks right? Halp!

I feel very out of touch with all of the blogs that I regularly check over the past week or few weeks. This is completely my fault and I plan to correct it. Now that I have a more stable internet connection, the (blogging) world is my oyster! I appreciate everyone's comments, you guys truly are wonderful and encouraging!! 

Thanks for reading :)

Berry is the black one, the other is Fern. I miss them very much right now!