Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some more frankens and cool news!

Wow I really wrecked that challenge didn't I? Honestly, I was so inspired by other projects that I just didn't have it in me to put out a flag manicure. I even have an idea (hint: it has nothing to do with an actual flag), but I am easily distracted >.<

First, I created 2 new frankens. Tree Frog and a yet-to-be-named hot pink.

The pinky and ring finger have three coats of Tree Frog by itself. The first and middle finger have TF over Innocent by Sinful Colors.

Over Innocent

It came out a little sheer, but really it didn't need to be layered. This is a combination of yellow and bright green. It's a lot more to look at in person!

I created the hot pink because I couldn't believe I didn't already own a hot pink. I was basically mortified and immediately corrected the situation. I only mixed old red and white polish together, so I don't feel it's really mine to name... The purple I used in the gradient is the amazing Gothic Lolita by China Glaze. Screw the haters, I threw some of O.P.I's Black Shatter on there too. And those are totally rhinestones that lasted oh..umm... a few hours. That was my fault, though, because I didn't cover them with top coat. Question: How do you keep rhinestones on without applying top coat? I ask because when I apply a topcoat it seems to make them look...weird. I hope you all enjoyed these frankens and art as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Second (there was a 'first', remember?), Cult Nails chose me to do some art for their website! I nearly died when I saw the e-mail! I have never been chosen based on talent for ANYTHING like this before, and I am basically beside myself with glee. They're going to send me a Cult Nails nail art package, and I'll whip up (read: agonize over obtaining perfect) nail designs.  SO EXCITED!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 27 - Inspired by Art

This was supposed to be based off of Mr. Ralph Steadman, but I got a little splatter happy and it turned out a little more colorful than his work usually is. The yellow is Mellow Yellow - SH Xtreme Wear, the blue is Pacific Blue - SH Xtreme Wear, and the red is Winter Berry - China Glaze.

Some pre-clean up action. I actually think it looks cooler messy!

My cuticles hated me after cleaning this up, and I honestly can't blame them as they still aren't even as clean as they should be after all that scrubbing. I really think these looked better before I cleaned them up..hmm..

Thanks for reading :)

New Awesome Etsy Shop

A good friend of mine just opened a wonderful new Etsy shop that specializes in one-of-a-kind, hand-made jewelry! In my humble opinion, her work is truly unique. If I had the money, I'd probably buy them myself, but instead I offer these unique pieces to my awesome followers :) Good prices and FREE shipping making them a steal!


Gorgeous, right? So check it out!  >> Nidia's Etsy Shop! <<