Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mismatched Blobness

So I had two colors I wanted to try out: China Glaze - Westside Warrior and Kleancolor - Black Hole. I figured I'd do some simple dotting, but this turned sorta weird. First let me say that I really love both of these polishes and the application for both was really quite amazing and easy to work with. This was my first experience with both brands. China Glaze is probably going to become my favorite brand. I know it's early to say that, but they really won me over just with Westside Warrior. Their matte top coat is actually top notch as well. If I had tape I'd be doing that Yves Saint Laurent manicure everyone is raving about. Soon...soon...

Anyway, here's a shot of just the base colors. I fear the lighting diminishes their beauty, but let's hope not!

Seriously gorgeous. 

I really cannot say enough awesome things about China Glaze's application, but I think anyone reading this already knows how great it is! 

So then came the awesome weird dotting experiment...

Yeah it turned out oddly. Let's never talk of this again...

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Thanks for reading!

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