Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy crap I was tagged for an award!

The wonderful and talonted (see what I did there?) GretalRabbit has tagged me with these awesome blog awards:


I must say seven random things about myself in accordance with these awards! So.. uhh yeah I'm no good at these either GretalRabbit! Haha here goes:

1. I am left-handed but often feel I do better job applying nail polish with my right hand.

2. I am currently away from home and miss it very much. Especially my kitties. I swear I hear them sometimes... O.o

3. I just recently started feeling better about myself after spending a long time feeling rather craptastic. 

4. I am obsessed with pens and all things stationary. I could shop in the office supply section for hours. 

5. I REALLY like to moisturize. 

6. I have started 100s (maybe not 100s but definitely over 50) of journals in my life and never finished one. 

7. I'm about to inherit an entire new half of a family from China and it's INSANE. Haha I'll probably blog more about that soon. 

Before I tag people, I must recommend everyone follow GretalRabbit! She has lovely nails and also mouth watering food adventures! Mmmmmm vanilla fudge...

I tag (I don't have many people that follow me, but these people truly deserve it!)

I'd tag Ashesela but I know you already did it :)
If anyone has already done this, feel free to skip, just wanted you ladies to know you do great work!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awwww thanks!! I love pens and stationary too and for the longest time I wanted to go to Japan and work for Pentel!

  2. You're both awesome inspirations!!! Thanks for reading :)

  3. Aww thanks! :D I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you!