Sunday, May 12, 2013

L.A. Girls 3D Effects - Purple Effect

I finally ended my search for a purple holo! *dance dance dance* Recently I stopped at a Rite Aid and sort of avoided looking too closely at the nail polish section (attempting a no-buy month!).. but the glittery, holo-y goodness of the 3D Effects display drew me right in! At only 4.99 a piece I couldn't really resist this beauty and quickly grabbed the Purple Effect!

Next time I wear it, I'll probably use some purple underwear for more opacity...but DAMMIT HOW PRETTY IS THIS?! I don't have many holos, so I'm not sure how the quality of this guy holds up comparatively, but I couldn't be happier. The pictures show two very easily applied coats (it's basically a jelly formula) and a top coat. The holo is even pretty holo-y indoors. Pretty exciting if you ask me!

Thanks for reading :)

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