Sunday, May 19, 2013

Purple and teal glitter gradient

I am not the best with gradients. I can never seem to get the blending quite right and it usually looks somewhat off. This time, though, I think I did the best job I have ever done. I give all of the credit to Northern Lights though because is makes any nail art automatically fantastic.

I started with two coats of Northern Lights on a base-coated-only nail, sponged on some The Real Teal (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear) and Hypnotize (Jordana), then proceeded to glitter the crap out of it with more Northern Lights, Techno (China Glaze), and Trust Fund Baby (Spoiled). The sun wasn't out in these photos so it's not nearly as glittery looking as it is in person :( 

I was so happy with these that I kept them like that for nearly a week -- pretty rare for me to even have polish LAST that long! 

Thanks for reading :)

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