Saturday, May 11, 2013

I have returned! No, really this time!

I think my last post was something like... "I have returned!" Yeah. Not so much, eh? Well this time, I really can return! A ton of things contributed to my lack of posting, but mainly it was not being able to do my nails. I worked at an evil sandwich shop that did not allow ANYTHING on your nails *GASP!* It was pretty much the worst. My hands were constantly dry and disgusting looking from washing them so much (literally 20+ times a day), my cuticles were tearing, and my nails were short, frail, and pealing. I did get to do the occasional manicure, however. And that brings me to the second reason why there has been no posting even when I could do my nails: Craptastic internet service. All is well with that once again, though.

 For this post, I just wanted to show one or two things I did and photographed but was never able to post.

And back when people still did the fishtail/braided thing... 

As you can see my lighting situation isn't quite ideal. Working on it! And in the mean time, a sun shiny day is my best friend :)

Since having the internet back and being able to take care of my hands and nails again, I have been slapping paint on my nails as much as possible! I look forward to posting again and getting back in touch with all of the awesome blogs that were lost to me in the past 10 months. I have really missed the nail blogging community. It seems it has grown so much that I fear I can never catch up, but I accept the challenge!

Thanks for reading :)

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