Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 13 - Animal Print

After seeing the Girls In Pearls display from Sinful Colors, I immediately fell in love with all but one. I only grabbed one, but it is certain that the rest need to be obtained very soon. The one I did pick up is called Morning Star and it's almost similar to O.P.I's I Have a Herring Problem. It has more purple than Herring and has a little less obvious shimmer. My camera made the color lighter than it actually is, of course. These pics are a few swipes of Morning Star on the side of some (perhaps awesome?) leopard print. The leopard spots definitely needed more glitter, but other than that I'm pretty satisfied.

Before the addition of Morning Star

Before I grabbed Morning Star I had planned on doing this design with neons a la Algae Veronica, but I just had to try this polish immediately!

Thanks for reading :)