Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 15 - Delicate Print

Ahhh the half way point... feels good, man!

I promise this stamping was actually very pretty, the pictures just didn't turn out very well.

The purple also didn't seem to photograph very well. The base purple is American Apparel - Imperial Purple and I stamped with a Wet N Wild silver. This is the first stamping I've done about which I literally have no complaints. I just wish the photos showed it better!!

I think it's mainly my cuticles that are making me hate my photos. But honestly I have no idea what more I can do for the little jerks. They just want to be dry and peel-y! 

I was REALLLLLY happy with Imperial Purple. It was actually fun to apply! 

I got some nail art wheels in from Born Pretty Store, so I'll be having fun with those for awhile. Small complaint: They are super hard to do nail art on if you're not incredibly careful. I was not careful. I ended up removing all of the designs I did, even the ones I was happy with, because I screwed up the good designs while working on the other ones. 

Sorry this seemed like such a whiny post! Thanks for reading :)

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