Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hard Candy - Beetle

Here's the problem: I have 12  photos of Beetle by Hard Candy. TWELVE. That may not seem like a lot, but I usually struggle to get 5 or 6 good pictures. I took over 30 and I honestly couldn't get it down to any less than 12 photos. I want to show them all in my blog because I think every photo shows something a little bit different in this polish. I know it's not new to most people, and I know many wonderful photos have been taken and shown already. But *whining* these are my photos and I finally got this polish and I'm so proud and and and well, it's new to me so.... HERE:

Needless to say, I absolutely freakin' LOVE Beetle!!! These photos show two coats over black. I wonder how it would be over other colors? Hmmmm... You know, I love this polish so much it almost makes me angry! Haha I think everyone should have a polish in their lives that is so damned gorgeous that it makes them angry.

Thanks for reading :)

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