Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blue Brush Stroke Gradient

I've been in a major nail art funk lately. I can swatch all day, but I can't come up with a design for the life of me. I believe it's due to an overload of inspiration. Sounds silly, but there are so many talented bloggers producing awesome art that it can be a little overwhelming! In a good way, of course! ;) So since my own brain isn't cooperating, I snagged this idea from A Little Polish! I didn't really have any idea how she did it, so I just went by what it looked like.. It went ok! Not as brush-strokey-looking as hers, but I am happy with them.

The light blue is Dreamer (Revlon) and the darker blue is Mount Royal (American Apparel)

Has anyone tried brush stroke art like this or like A Little Polish's? I wanna seeeee! 

Thanks for reading :)

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