Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pure Ice - Vinyl Remix

A few weeks ago I came across an opportunity to sample some polishes from the Vinyl Remix collection released by Pure Ice. Here is what they sent me:

The polish sets each come with their own record-shaped nail file, a "magic" base coat, and a black polish which is also obviously magic. The white needed 3 coats to be opaque, but I guess you don't really have to have it be opaque if you plan on going over it with the black. You'll see with these pictures:

The two I used were Emcee Me (yellow) and DJ Spinner (green). Despite the weird coloration of my fingers in certain pictures, the colors are all accurate. I had a lot of fun playing with these. With more colors, the possibilities are endless. 

In case it's hard to tell, you stripe on the black and depending on which color it is, it transforms to that color with a crackle effect.

That heart was surprisingly easy to draw with the regular old polish brush. I was even impressed with myself ^.^

I didn't have a top coat, so this manicure lasted about 6 days with minor tip wear. I was pretty surprised because some polishes don't last that long with a top coat! Crackle hides mistakes and wear, though, so I can't be sure. 

I appreciate being given the opportunity to sample these products, and these thoughts are completely genuine and my own!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. WOW. I love the effect!!! And what a cool nail file! Jayne wants!

  2. That is so cool how you can do designs with the crackle!!! :O!!!! That heart is fantastic!

  3. Awesome! I absolutely love your heart! You make me want to play with mine again...

  4. AH! I had seen these swatched elsewhere and really didn't think much of it. Cool, yeah, but I didn't have that overwhelming -need- to run out and hunt them down. Seeing your swatches and what you did with them...yeah. I need to go on a hunt tomorrow now. The heart, gah! Ridonkulous! Loving the horizontal design on the index finger as well. Tomorrow, I shall go hunting wabbits. Wabbits in little square bottles with vinyl records on the labels.

  5. I love how you dud the designs. I don't care much for crackle anymore. But this makes me want some :)