Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some taping and some striping

I have seriously been lacking inspiration lately. I feel like I can't come up with any of my own designs. My freehand skills aren't quite where I would like them to be, so I'd prefer to focus on that, but this idea popped into my head so I had to try it first.

First, the pictures!

I started off with For Audrey as a base, then taped off a section of Mount Royal by American Apparel. Very quickly, I swiped a thick coat of Nail Junkie over the top taped section (which I actually think was a dark blue Cosmetic Arts polish I found at Ross, not Mount Royal. But Mount Royal is on the bottom bit of nail).

I had some streaking and smearing, so I decided to cover that up with gold using Flower Girl by Sinful Colors. 

What do you think? Better with or without the striping?

I like them both a lot :)

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I think it's gorgeous with the striping and with out it... beautifully done! :)

  2. This is so beautiful!!!! :D
    OOOh I LOVE Nail Junkie!! :D

  3. i love your tape mani! it's soooo pretty, the colors you used are perfect :D

  4. gorgeous - i prefer it without the striping but it does look good both ways - the first pics are just flawless though!!

  5. oh cool! I liked both with and without striping, but if I HAD to choose one, I'd say maybe without? Although I liked the colour combination with the gold too.

  6. Both look great! I really love Nail Junkie! Such a pretty glitter :D

  7. I like them both but my favorite is the one with the striping! It kind of reminds me of Aladin. Lol. Just to let you know (in case you didn't already) I have to fill out a word verification every time I want to post a comment on your blog. All google blogs do this unless you turn it off. It would make it easier to comment if you turned it off :)