Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oooh a personal entry!

Once again I am moving back east to Pennsylvania! My flight is scheduled for the 17th. I hate flying SO MUCH. I have flown approximately 12,000 miles over the past year. NOT COOL. When I say I'm scared, I mean I shake and cry while boarding. I won't get into too many details, but hopefully this time it will be rather permanent. Or at least for the foreseeable future. Nothing wrong with California, I just have some things to do in PA. I'd like to think this is a start of a good thing, but there are other sad circumstances that prevent that from being entirely true. One good thing, I will most likely be starting some nail tech schoolin' here in the next year. Woot! It's weird, I never would have thought that I'd be going to any sort of beauty-type school. Not that there's anything wrong with that sort of thing, I have just wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Perhaps that's where this will lead me, though, into being a course instructor myself. Who knows!

I'm also coming up on my 100th post, which is sort of sad considering I've had this blog almost a year now :( On the 100th post eve, I vow to change that once I am situated in Pennsylvania. Truthfully, sometimes I do things on my nails and just don't feel confident enough to post them. I should, though, because learning is what it's all about!

I'll be posting nail-related things later, I just wanted to get that out. Thanks for reading :)


  1. Oh man, I would be a wreck trying to fly in a plane *shudders*. I've never had to yet, but eventually I will when I go visit some places.
    I hope that your flight goes really well. I want to go to school to be a nail technician too, and I never expected that either, haha.
    I'm sorry to hear that there are some sad reason why you are moving *huggles!!*. I hope that everything turns out okay! If you ever need to talk, please feel free to send me a message. :)

  2. This must be so exciiiiiting!Good luck on your journey. Flying is way safer than it appears too. I nominated you for 3 awards on my blog since you make such pretty manis :]

  3. Good luck with your move! I live in PA also :)

  4. Oooh wow. Seems exciting :) Have a safe trip back!