Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Nubar 2010'd I Have a Herring Problem

This is an old manicure I did but never got around to posting. I reshaped my nails today and wasn't too happy with the results. So, like the big baby that I am I pouted and didn't do my "Inspired by a Pattern" design. Spoiler alert: It involves animal print! Shocking, I know!

So here are some pictures of my nails before I shaped them into ghastly little round nubbins!!

As per usual my camera made the blue a twinge lighter than it actually is. I was told to adjust my white balance, but I have no idea what that means. I suppose I should check my camera manual to perhaps fix this! Anyway, stay tuned for my weird round nails. This is not to say I think round nails are weird, in fact I love them - that is why I tried to shape mine that way. They just look weird on me. This is the first time my nails have ever been rounded! Ok I'll stop rambling about my filing problems now...

Thanks for reading :)


  1. So much lovely.... absolutely stunning! :D

  2. This flakie makes everything look so amazing! I understand about the round right hand looks like that now...I'm so sad.

  3. Love this! Aw I know how you feel about your nails. Whenever mine are getting too long, I have a harder time getting my contacts out, so I have to trim mine are short right now :/

  4. Awesome layering! I just did round nails and I want my square ones back, like you. Lol!