Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 23 - Inspired by a Book

My favorite book's theme seemed too complicated to put on nails, so I went with my favorite comic book instead.  BATMAN! Seriously who doesn't love Batman? Fools, that's who! This is the most freehand brush work I have ever attempted, so it's not perfect but I am mostly satisfied.

Pinky to thumb: Joker, Robin, Riddler, Alfred, Batman

Alfred's tie really hurts my brain when I look at it now. So crooked! I'm still reaalllllly enjoying this challenge as it is doing exactly that: Challenging me! Now to start planning tomorrow's nails... ^.^

Thank you for reading :)

I'm just going to list the colors because there were a few:
Xtreme Wear - Mellow Yellow
Zoya - Dove
China Glaze - Kiwi Coolada
Closet Red (A note of explanation about this - I found a set of insanely old nail polishes while home in PA that all apply awesomely but have no name on the bottle. They are named Old Closet Red, Brown, Gold, etc. now! Hah)
Sinful Colors - Let's Meet
Confetti - Belle of the Ball
O.P.I - Honk if You Love OPI
Black nail art striper


  1. AWESOME nails!! :D Yes to Batman!!! :D

  2. Very nice! Goodjob with your freehand work! :)

  3. Yes! Only fools don't love Batman! lol :) I love your mani! I love the joker nail!

  4. Aah, so cool! I recognized the Riddler symbol and was freaking out! Nicely done!