Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 5 Blue/Day 6 Purple

I did do my nails yesterday, I just couldn't find the time to post them. I was pretty dissatisfied with the pictures, to be honest, and that probably helped me procrastinate a bit! I am quite sad that my camera doesn't seem to want to capture the darkness of certain blues and purples. I'm sure everyone has seen a swatch or two of American Apparel - Mount Royal, and they look nothing like this:

In reality Mount Royal is a very deep blue with an almost purple undertone. Either way, I was covering it up anyway so are pictures after the addition of Sally Hansen Nail Prism - Garnet Lapis:

In many of these photos, the finished product looks more blue than purple (also apparently my kitties were around when I was photographing as I noticed a few hairs on my fingers as I was editing the photos!), but that's just because this polish is hard to photograph. It ranges from blue to purple to even some copper if you catch it at the right angle. The second picture of the layering does a good job illustrating the blue to purple shift, I think. I am happy to say that I own not one but three Nail Prisms. They are all easily over 10 years old, and I found them in my closet when I went home to Pennsylvania over the holiday. Easily one of the greatest nail polish discoveries of my adult life!

For my day 6 purple I chose Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Purple Potion with two coats of China Glaze - Seniorita Bonita on top. 


Again, Seniorita Bonita is much more... vibrant(?) in person. Shimmery with little flecks of pink throughout, it really is a stunning polish. Sadly, the brush that it came with is quite deformed, but at least it still applies well. 
Purple Potion is quite awesome as well, I just neglected to photograph it on its own. 

I think tomorrow... there will be stamping! I need practice! ^.^
Thanks for reading :)



  1. Both of these layering are beautiful! It always is such a pain when the camera just doesn't capture the colors correctly! They still look great though!

  2. Grrrr...deformed brushes, but your nails still look great! I loved the colours for Day 6!

    1. Thank you :) I got a Julep polish with a messed up brush recently too, but oddly enough it seemed to apply BETTER than normal. Very weird.