Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 2- Orange

Check me out... actually posting on time. WOO! I'm not being sarcastic, it's pretty major for me! Hah

For my orange I chose Hayden by Julep. It's much more of a bright orange than it looks in these pictures. Even when I tried to take pictures outside, I still couldn't capture the actual color properly. At first I didn't think I'd really like this color (or this manicure to be honest), but it has grown on me quite a bit. I was just trying to do some random crackle stripes, but my OCD nature forced me to make them uniform. The color is really just brilliant. I wouldn't call it a neon. A pastel neon? Is that a thing? Well it should be and this would be it.

My thumbs were a total accident. I was testing out swiping techniques, and I ended up really liking how it came out. 

Note: My cuticles look incredibly bad. I have been doing everything but still pretty cuticles elude me! Anyway, I'm really curious what anyone has to say about this design! 

Tomorrow will be tough, I have very little selection when it comes to yellow.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the color and the design!

    1. Thanks! I really wasn't sure about the design but I think with nail art pretty much anything can be made to look good :)