Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 10 - Gradient

I've always loved the idea of using black and another bright color in a gradient, so I had already decided to do that when I read that my beloved Hines Ward was retiring. As an extremely huge Steelers fan, I was devastated. I did this design in dedication to him and all that he has done for the black and gold!

I got this awesome pack of Steelers themed nail polishes at Fun Party Stores awhile back, so I used the yellow for the base. I then layered a couple of coats of Nubar - Black Polka Dot and finished off with black sponging. 

Here is a random manicure I have also done using my Steelers nail art supplies:

I never posted it and forgot to transfer my photos when I came back from PA, so I only have a tiny cell phone picture. 

Not only did Hines have an amazing career in the NFL, he had the privilege along with a few other players to be part of The Dark Knight Rises. You're the best Hines, and you will be forever missed!

Thanks for reading!