Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Animal print times with friends!

A few weeks ago I got to see one of my very best friends, Lindsey, and her daughter. We of course had to get in some nail time as we rarely see each other (living on the other side of the country sucks for friendships).

Check out that rock too O.O

Those are Lindsey's nails. I used some amazing Sally Hansen pink she had and also a silver she had. Then just dotted some black in for the outline of the prints. She takes good care of her nails so they were easy to work with, and I'm actually pretty proud of the job I did. After I did her nails, her daughter decided she wanted leopard print too, but I did not end up getting a picture of them :( I also did some stamping which was really fun on tiny little fingers haha She sat really well for her nails though, and I can tell that some day she will be a crazy good nail artist!

So, that was actually my second attempt at leopard print, because I had done the style on myself earlier that week. 

The pink is How I Met Your Magenta. The lighter pink is some off brand I got super cheaply at Ross. Not super good quality but good for small things like blotching pink for leopard print :]

Thanks for reading!


  1. I <3 the way yours came out! OMG! Beautiful! I think cuz I like the colors a lot better!

    1. Thank you!! I am going to be doing many animal prints in the near future!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I used that wonderful tutorial by cutepolish :)