Friday, December 9, 2011

Essie's Wedding Collection

Yeah I'm a little late to the game, but I found this awesome mini set of Essie's Wedding Collection at TJ Maxx. At 9.99, it was an obvious buy as these are my first Essies! Woo! Isn't it cute?

 I just wanted to quickly swatch these as I was excited to see how great this formula is that everyone is always talking about. First up is Better Together a sheer light pink.

I really love the color of this in the bottle. Maybe I needed more coats? It didn't hide the color of my stained nails after 4 coats. Perhaps this would be the perfect french manicure accessory? Pretty shady, couldn't wear it on its own. I do think some glitter would look great over them though so that's definitely an option!

Next, Made to Honor and Borrowed & Blue

As far as Made of Honor, again it is VERY sheer, but I can see it being a great base for layering or glitter. I really really really enjoyed working with Borrowed & Blue. It's a chalky baby blue that really pops with my skin, I think. These were both very easy to apply with quick drying times. I even hurried between drying times with the sheerer colors and didn't get any bubbling. Always a plus for the impatient lacquerista!

Lastly, my favorite of the bunch, First Dance

At first I thought this was basically just a dupe of Sinful Colors' Ruby Ruby (which actually applies just as well First Dance), but after the second coat I realized I had found a much brighter and almost orange-toned red. I wouldn't say the orange is super obvious, it's more just a hinting in the background.

I really enjoyed all of these polishes and am very glad to have found them. The application was wonderful with all of them (even on my crippled middle nail..ugh).

I still have a NOTD to write up - I now know what everyone means by Nubar ALL THE THINGS! Thanks for reading!


  1. This is so cute! What a great find!!

  2. Yes, First Dance would be my favourite too!!

  3. First Dance is so Cherry like, it makes me want to eat it! Looks delicious!