Saturday, August 11, 2012

I have returned!

I still don't have the best lighting set up... but I miss blogging quite a bit so I guess my readers will just have to suffer through my lackluster photos!

The big new I eluded to before.. I got married! Totally sudden and totally unexpected, but it was pretty much the best decision I have ever made. Mr.Nail Noise is not only quite talented himself (he sews, ladies! YEAH!) but he fully supports and even encourages my nail polish addiction. It's quite sad really -- I can't look at a polish at the store without him insisting that I purchase it! Awesome but dangerous for the wallet.

So first I have the nails I did for my wedding day. We didn't have a big ceremony, just a quick visit to the courthouse. I saw this design on heynicenails and figured it'd be simple enough to do to both my hands. For once, both my hands matched. This is a definite rarity for me ;)

Remember how I told you Mr. Nail Noise was very supportive? That might have been an understatement. Yeah, these are our matching nails - what of it?! We spent a day at the zoo and wanted something bright and animal-like, so this manicure was born:


My hands even kind of match each other again! WOO!

I also have some manicures to throw in here at the end - not as professional looking, but I wanted to have a record of them anyway.

Pink Penguin by F4 and Nubar Black Polka Dot
 over a black and white gradient

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis over Sally Hansen CSM in Petrol


Lastly, I did a little stamping over a friend's acrylics - smeared with a top coat a little, but still looked pretty awesome if you ask me! 

Also she had awesome shoes:


So that's what I've been up to -- married life is pretty awesome. 

Special note: I received a frickin' AMAZEBALLS franken from Ashesela over at ArtEvolve. It deserves its own post, though. And I'm disappointed that the photos don't do it any justice at ALL. You are the sweetest Miss Ash! 

Thanks for reading :)


  1. He's a keeper! One day I'll attempt a leopard print. ONE DAY.

  2. Welcome back! Hehe. Great post! I love how he let you do one of his nails haha