Sunday, July 8, 2012

More dots - with cheap but awesome Dawn

Sometimes you get super cheap polish and it sucks - more often than not this is the case. I was pleasantly surprised by this little lady that I got from Dollar Tree. While it takes a few coats to get opaque (3 for no VNL), I really liked the finished product. It had no name, only the brand Dawn. These photos are with top coat. 

I felt it was kind of boring on its own, so I dotted it up!

These are some bonus photos of my Mom's nails. She let me do random things to them! :)

These were done for my cousin for a wedding. I was working without all of my supplies for these projects... very sad, but I guess I made it work ok - she liked them!

I'm in the process of moving at the moment, so I'm not around my computer nearly as often as I'd like to be :( But soon... soon.... NAILS EVERYWHERE. 

Thanks for reading this insanely boring post :)


  1. Gorgeous!!! I really love that blue manicure with the flowers (so cute!!! XD)!

  2. SEE! Your mom's nails look great! Love the dots, so pretty! And that dawn is squishy!

    !!!! TOMORROW!!!!! <3

  3. I love the color and added dots on your nails. I love the pics of your mom's nails :D

  4. It wasn't a boring post at all! There were many bright colours and pictures to keep us entertained! Dawn looks so glossy and shiny and I love the dots you added! Props to your mom for being a willing guinea pig :-) They turned out great!