Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Manicure for the Weekend

While home with my dad, we listened to a lot of music together. Good times, food, and brews were had. We were listening to one of his favorite bands, X-Japan, and he suggested I do my nails in tribute to X-Japan! I thought it was a pretty great idea so we came up with a few ideas and this was born!

The thumbs are the name of the song that inspired this design - Weekend. Check out the video here:

The blood splatter design was taken from the video - I really do love splattering..err splatter painting? I don't know how to phrase that right now, but I love it!

The X is obviously for the name of the band, but I did it in pink in dedication to their late guitarist, Hide, who was famous for his pink hair (and ridiculous guitar skills). 

I decided to post this today because I found out my dad randomly checks my blog, so this post is dedicated to him! :) He has been insanely supportive of my nail art stuff and always has something nice to say about even the worst manicure that I do. Hi dad! Love you!

Thanks for reading!

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