Monday, November 21, 2011

Revlon's Minted with some extra shine!

Recently I picked up Revlon - Minted at a discount and absolutely fell in love with the color. It applies like a dream and is just the perfect "minted" shade, of course! I also found a pretty cool almost holographic polish at the dollar store called Glacier by Nail Fetish. I tried wearing the Glacier on its own but it took 4 coats and was still streaky as all get out. However, it works great if you just through one or two coats over just about any color. I tried a bunch of different shades, but it actually looks pretty great over Minted!

These pictures genuinely don't do it any sort of justice, the final look was actually quite stunning!

This is probably going to be my last post until I get back from China. Well, aside from the birthday post (around the 27th) and 4 or 5 giveaways I'll be entering before I go! 


  1. This is a very beautiful combination! Happy birthday, and good luck with the giveaways! Also, have a safe trip!

  2. Am so jealous!! Have fun in China! Still loving that plaid background!!!